Alkaline Planet Ltd. is a Canadian company serving people worldwide, making quality water available wherever life goes.

Twice in the 1990s our hometown, the city of Chilliwack B.C was named "Best Water In Canada" by the Canadian Water Resource Association and for years locals here in Chilliwack enjoyed some of healthiest water in the world. Then in 2013 controversy erupted. Despite concerns from Chilliwack city council, Fraser Health forced the residents of Chilliwack to start adding chlorine to their city water supply. Now like many other cities in Canada and the rest of the world, it is the responsibility of its residents to remove chlorine from the city water if they're concerned about the long term effects chlorine has on our bodies.

Our goal since then has been to develope Nex-Gen Water Filtration Systems for wherever life goes. We provide top brands of water ionizers and top of the line portable water filtration systems.

The first product released January 2016, is the Alkaline Planet - AlkalinePitcher

The AlkalinePitcher is the first alkaline water pitcher to:

  •  raise city tap water to +9.5pH
  •  tackle the chlorine issue in city water
  •  come in a sleek all-new* tough & durable double-wall design
  •  produce alkaline mineralized ionized with super high antioxidants.  

Bringing scientific & natural health benefits to the table including high antioxidant properties and the ability to raise the city's water to pH of 10, the AP Alkaline Water Pitcher is quickly becoming the top choice for athletes and health conscious people alike.

Whether you're an athlete like MMA Profesional Gary "Saint Lion" Mangat who needs 4-5 liters of water a day to stay hydrated or you have a full house and just want healthy water for you and your family, the AP Alkaline Water Pitcher can improve immunity, enhance well being and help to maintain a high quality of life.

Made from BPA Free, Food Grade plastics and designed with high quality NSF & FDA certified ingredients,  the AP Alkaline Water Pitcher comes complete with two filters and each filter lasts 300 liters.

Designed specifically for the standard fridge but tough enough to take with you anywhere, the Alkaline Planet, Alkaline Water Pitcher comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee giving you peace of mind.


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EMAIL: info@alkalineplanet.ca

Toll Free: 1 (844)-81-WATER

Woody Nielsen


Alkaline Planet Ltd.

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